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Feeling Dead? Garlic Bread!

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As the holiday season apporaches it's dramatic climax with all the finality and disappointment of a shart on an airplane. I though I would take a moment and share something everyone can be grateful for. Garlic Bread! Below I have describe one of my many attempts at mastering this subtle art. While far from my best attempt the end result was. As always, delicious and so worth sharing. I hope you enjoy.

The Bread


This is honestly some bread I picked up on impulse. It was cheap and tastes really good. I plan on making spaghetti this weekend so I am not too worried about buying four loafs for one person.


Just some generic Cheddar mix that I mostly use for my breakfast scramble. The garlic butter is something that my local Kroger sells.


I meant to take a picture of the bread before starting to cook it, but apparently forgot to. This is it halfway done. I like to apply more butter at this point to really saturate the bread.



Once the bread is fully toasted. I add a bit more flavor with garlic and onion powder and then cover with cheese. Then it goes back in the over this time on broil.


Once the cheese has been melted cut to the desired size and enjoy!

Final Thoughts


A few things I plan on changing for next time.

  • Firstly I would broil it for longer. While I melted the cheese, I would have preferred to actually begin to crisp it.
  • Nextly I think I would toast the bread at a slightly lower temp for a bit longer to give the butter more time to reduce.
  • Lastly I would probably add more cheese!

I hope everyone has a great new year!