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Batteries Included.
·555 words·3 mins
Technology Linux, Emacs, Spacemacs
Spacemacs With NixOS
·792 words·4 mins
Technology Linux NixOS, Personal_Configuration
The Shell.
·605 words·3 mins
Technology NixOS, Personal_Configuration
The Foundation. NixOS, and Hyprland.
·569 words·3 mins
Technology NixOS, Personal_Configuration
Getting Started with Art : Foundations
·584 words·3 mins
Art Art_Basics, Illustration, Draw_A_Box


Digital Art with NixOS
·504 words·3 mins
Art Digital_Art, Linux NixOS, Art_for_Beginners


One File System Configuration with NixOS and Emacs Org-Mode
·1010 words·5 mins
Technology Linux, Nix, Emacs
Diving into Emacs with EXWM
·1192 words·6 mins
Technology Linux, Emacs, Keyboard_Centric_Workflow
Using NixOS for Art
·765 words·4 mins
Technology Digital_Art, Linux, Nix
NixOS First Impressions
·452 words·3 mins
Technology Linux_for_beginners, Functional Linux, Nix